OI Support – Philippines Meets Prof. David Sillence

The Group with Prof. Sillence

OI Support – Philippines had its first Christmas Party as an organized group last December 7, 2010 at the National Institutes of Health Conference Hall.  Eleven families from different areas of the country attended the event.

The event started with a short support group meeting, and picture taking of the OI kids for their “I am Fragile, Handle Me With Care” ID. The purpose of the ID is to protect the kids while they are in public places. Safety precautions on handling OI children are listed at the back of the ID to alert and guide others  during emergency situations.

The highlight of the event was a special presentation and update on Osteogenesis Imperfecta by Prof. David Sillence, the foundation chair of Medical Genetics in the University of Sydney. Prof Sillence  created the first classification system for Osteogenesis Imperfecta that he later developed further to be the world standard. He discussed the benefits of bisphosphonate therapy and physiotherapy/hydrotherapy on moderate to severe OI patients.  Prof. Sillence took time to answer the parents’ questions. His warmth and dedication as an OI expert inspired the  group.

A simple merienda  was served during the fellowship. Loot bags were given to kids, courtesy of the IHG fellows & staff. Winners of the raffle prizes were the Urian family from Bulacan, Torres family from Marikina and Herrero family from Quezon City. The group said their goodbyes and holidays greetings with a smile on their faces, with a sense of belonging, knowing that they have an OI Family and PSOD Family to support and guide them.

Special thanks to Prof. Sillence for taking time to meet and update us, the IHG Doctors, Fellows and Staff for the never failing guidance and support, to the PSOD family for welcoming and embracing our OI Support  group and to the Lord Almighty for giving us the gift and strength to be rare families, for it is in the gift of having rare children that we live more meaningful lives.